Wine Buying Guide – The Perfect Wines for Fun Activities

Eddie McDougall

As the weather slowly starts to turn warmer, most of us are wanting to spend our time outdoors and away from our apar...

Our Wine Guide To Viognier

Eddie McDougall

What is Viognier? Viognier (pronounced vee-on-yeah) is known as the exotic and hedonistic white wine. Full-bodied wit...

Have Your MBA But Know Nothing About The Wine Lifestyle?

Eddie McDougall

Get ready for another instalment of The Flying Winemaker's Crash Course in Wine and since I’ll be your instructor, I ...

A Port Story - How It All Began

Eddie McDougall

Port is an iconic wine with a lot of history made in the Douro Valley of Portugal.  However, port is actually not a P...

The Differences Of Italian Wine Classifications

Eddie McDougall

Wine labels are not always straightforward. Wines that come from the Old World can be a nightmare to decipher, especi...

Understanding The Differences Between Barolo & Barbaresco

Eddie McDougall

The first question we should ask ourselves is how does Barolo differ from Barbaresco. Is it the classic Bordeuax riva...

Different Levels Of Sweetness In Champagne

Eddie McDougall

Champagne and sparkling wines are the go to wines for celebrations and festivities. Not only that, but they make gre...

Riding the Champagne Rosé Wave in Hong Kong

Eddie McDougall

Legend has it that it was the widow (Veuve) Clicquot herself who created the very first blended champagne rosé 200 ye...

Understanding Sparkling Wine Production Methods

Eddie McDougall

The first thing that pops in mind when we think of a bubbly wine is most likely to be Champagne. Moreover, we see Cha...

What's the Difference Between Pinot Gris and Grigio?

Eddie McDougall

Two wines, one grape – welcome to the world of gris and grigio.  We're often asked to explain the difference between ...

Road Tripping Reds: The Coastal Cabernet Edition by Lauren Dunn

Eddie McDougall

Just because the sun is fading, does not mean we have to! Time to break out of that self-inflicted, voluntary house a...

Pinot Grigio and Seafood – A Match Made Under The Sea by Lauren Dunn

Eddie McDougall

In Australia, we have the pick of some of the world’s best seafood and are home to where Eddie grows the grapes that ...
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