The Flying Winemaker’s Mulled Wine

Eddie McDougall

Learn how to make the best, delicious, festive & heartwarming mulled wine!

Road Tripping Reds: The Coastal Cabernet Edition by Lauren Dunn

Eddie McDougall

Just because the sun is fading, does not mean we have to! Time to break out of that self-inflicted, voluntary house a...

Pinot Grigio and Seafood – A Match Made Under The Sea by Lauren Dunn

Eddie McDougall

In Australia, we have the pick of some of the world’s best seafood and are home to where Eddie grows the grapes that ...

How I Pair Food & Wine

Eddie McDougall

Food and wine, or should it be wine and food? Whichever it is that comes first there is no doubt that these two epicu...

Prosecco Is Not A One Trick Pony

Eddie McDougall

The surging demand for delicious Aussie Prosecco has opened up doors for alternative ways to enjoy it. It’s not just ...

Top Places To Drink Wine in Sydney

Eddie McDougall

I’m always so impressed with the number of new and exciting venues that are constantly opening. The scene there is th...
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