4 Ways to Pair Dim Sum and Rosé

With Rosé Revolution 2019 soon to kick off, I've got not just rosé on my mind but food as well. Rosé is a very versatile wine that can be easily paired with many Asian dishes, particularly Cantonese cuisine.

Rosé goes harmoniously with Cantonese food, especially dim sum, because of its spectrum of sweetness levels (ranging from dry to sweet) and its ability to not overpower the dishes' flavours, which makes it complimentary to delicate seafood and deep fried pockets of goodness. While traditionally served with tea, rosé elevates the dim sum experience to the next (boozy) level.

Here are my recommendations for rosé and dim sum pairings:

1. A bolder and richer styled rosé with more savoury notes, preferably Carignan or Mourvèdre dominant, paired with Spare Ribs and Chinese Dried Pork Sausage Clay Pot Rice.


2. A lighter, more elegant and fruit forward rosé (preferably from the south of France) paired with Siu Mai (steamed shrimp and pork dumpling with crab roe on top).


3. A New World rosé that has more intensity, complexity, and body paired with Har Gao (steamed shrimp dumpling).


4. A very fresh, lively, and energetic sparkling rosé, preferably Champagne method so it's still elegant and refined, paired with "Phoenix Talons" (braised chicken feet).


So next time you're brunching for dim sum or just craving a bit, pick rosé as your beverage of choice.

Join us across Asia for Rosé Revolution 2019!

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