Q&A with Katsuhisa Fujino, Chief Winemaker of Château Mercian

Kyle Oosterberg

Château Mercian has a story that dates back to 1877, formerly known as Dainihon Yamanashi Wine Company, making histor...

Asian Wine Regions: Where are wines made in Japan?

Kyle Oosterberg

Let’s talk about Japan. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Japan? Sushi? Sake? Sumo wrestl...

10 Top Wineries to Visit in Asian Wine Regions

Kyle Oosterberg

Asian wines are making a mark globally and the number of Asian winemakers is rapidly growing. Have you ever wondered ...

Dine for Change with Jeffrey Andrews

Kyle Oosterberg

With the Christmas around the corner and in the spirit of giving, Asian Wine Review powered by The Flying Winemaker h...

Why You Should Drink Asian Wines Today

Kyle Oosterberg

Although the combination of the words “Asia” and “wines” in a sentence might seem foreign to many of us, the truth is...

Unique Asian Wine Varietals

Kyle Oosterberg

Asian wines to some may seem like a foreign concept, but the truth is that Asian winemaking has more history than you...

3 Southeast Asian Wine Regions You've Probably Never Heard About

Kyle Oosterberg

Southeast Asia wine regions? Is it even possible to make wine in the tropics? Thirty years ago, the answer would have...

6 Chinese Wine Regions You Need To Know About

Kyle Oosterberg

Famous for its buying power in the wine industry, China’s love for fine wines has made the news with its astronomical...
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