Chinese New Year Food & Wine Pairings

Kyle Oosterberg

It’s that time of year again—Chinese New Year (CNY) or Spring Festival, as it is sometimes called. For those readers ...

5 Best Rosé Food Pairings For The Summer

Kyle Oosterberg

Summer, summer, summer - the hottest season of the year is here and it's extremely hot and humid, so it's time to bea...

4 Ways to Pair Dim Sum and Rosé

Kyle Oosterberg

With Rosé Revolution 2019 soon to kick off, I've got not just rosé on my mind but food as well. Rosé is a very versat...

How To Use Prosecco As An Alternative To Champagne

Eddie McDougall

Prosecco is the perfect aperitif before a dinner party, or a beautiful team up with fresh orange juice for a brunch m...

How To Pair McDonalds With Wine: Food And Wine Pairing Made Easy

Eddie McDougall

Many of us like wine and McDonalds (sometimes), but too few of us have tried them together. After all, what kind of p...

Meet the Crew: Lilian Carter

Eddie McDougall

At The Flying Winemaker, we believe in winemaking without borders. This applies not only to the regions we work in, b...

Why, When & How to Decant Wine

Eddie McDougall

A decanter — do you own one? If yes, how often do you use it? Do you think it makes a difference to the wine? Why are...

How To Store Wine Properly in Hong Kong

Eddie McDougall

Storing wine anywhere in the world can pose a problem for most of us, but Hong Kong in particular can be even more c...

Our Wine Guide to Riesling

Eddie McDougall

Riesling is a very misunderstood grape. For some folk it is amazing and for others, it is just downright unappealing....

The Health Benefits Of Drinking Wine

Eddie McDougall

Wine and the benefits it has on your health is a two-way street. While overindulging in wine, or any alcohol for that...

How To Get Into The Wine Lifestyle

Eddie McDougall

Calling on all lovers of wine that want to get better at tasting wine and understand the spectrum of wine that is ou...

Our Wine Guide to Chenin Blanc

Eddie McDougall

Chenin Blanc is arguably one of the most versatile grapes in the world making a variety of different styles of wine t...
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