Eddie McDougall Wine And Food Pairings

Eddie McDougall Wines embodies new age winemaking whilst paying homage to the classics of the Old World. Starting with the Umami series in 2008, The Urban Project, various collaborations with well-respected producers and now the release of the new King Valley range, it has been a crazy adventure for the man himself.

We’re celebrating 10 years of EM wines this year and what better way to celebrate than with food. Check out these food and wine pairings with our very own Eddie McDougall wines.


Eddie McDougall Wines


King Valley Prosecco, NV

Food pairing: Pear and goats cheese salad 

Photo credit: A Pinch Of HealthyKing Valley Prosecco food pairing

This is a crowd favourite, the cooler temperatures of the King Valley bring forth beautiful aromas of white flowers, pears and white peaches with a spirtz of lemon zest. A touch of residual sugar is barely detectable but balances out the refreshing acidity perfectly with orchard fruit flavours and a lingering mineral aftertaste. 

The flavours and aromas complement sweet crunchy bites of pear whilst the soft mousse of the Prosecco intermingles with the creamy sharpness of the goats’ cheese. The combination of textures make for a playfully, delightful mouthful.


King Valley Pinot Grigio, 2017

Food pairing: Poached salmon topped with lemon and dill cream

Photo credit: Hunter Angler Gardener CookKing Valley Pinot Grigio food pairing

The aromatic bouquet of this Pinot Grigio did not happen by mistake. The grapes were handled gently from early morning harvests to low temperature fermentation so that the final wine would be a pure expression of what the King Valley can offer. The result is a combination of tree and stone fruits; white peaches and pear as well as crushed almond meal. The mouthfeel has a waxy viscosity that is cut through with a solid citrus acid backbone.

Seeing as this white wine is no shy flower, it can stand up to oily fish like salmon. A lemon and dill cream accompaniment will bring out the primary fruit flavours and also the salty minerality and blanched almond characters of the wine. And lastly the refreshing acidity can help cleanse the palate of the Omega 3 fatty oils and the creaminess of the sauce.


King Valley Rosato, 2016

Food pairing: Lamb kebab

Photo credit: My Greek KitchenKing Valley Rosato food pairing

Pairing Rosé with red meat and lamb no less? We have not lost our minds. This Rosato is made of 100% Barbera and handled in a way that was able to express its complex savoury characteristic, red fruit profile that gives it a long length. 

A lamb kebab is full of flavour, bite after bite of juicy spiced lamb often served with a wedge of lemon or lime and a refreshing yoghurt sauce. Try it with this Rosato and experience how a savoury rosé can cut through the fattiness of the meat whilst bringing out the ripe primary red fruit characters that rounds out the flavours of spice, citrus and yoghurt. 


McDougall & Langworthy Rosé, 2016

Food pairing: Pulled pork burrito with all the trimmings 

Photo credit: Hispanic KitchenLangworthy Rosé food pairing

Intense in not only red fruits, this rosé carries herbaceous and spice characters like bay leaves and white peppercorns with incredible length. We are really proud of this one, not only has been well received by wine critics (96 points by James Halliday!), but it was also turned wine drinkers into rosé enthusiasts. It is the perfect blend of Tempranillo, Syrah, Grenache and Vermintino that creates this wonderfully complex wine.

This rosé carries a subtle flinty gunpowder smoke finish which makes an interesting match with decadent pulled pork that has been slow cooked for hours. As the savoury flavours of the pork mix with the spice and slight smokiness of the wine, don’t forget about the zingy salsa, coriander and a good squeeze of fresh lime juice that not only ties the dish together but also brings out all the flavours of the rosé.


King Valley Sangiovese, 2015

Food pairing: Grilled Portuguese salted cod served with butter spuds and greens

Photo credit: Portuguese | faim? oui oui!!!!!!Kinf Valley Sangiovese food pairing

The King Valley has the ideal climate to achieve ripeness of grapes without sacrificing its aromatic integrity. After fermentation, the wine was then aged in French oak for 12 months to further develop its supple tannins. This wine has stayed true to its Italian heritage with a strong acidity profile that carries through a palate full of red plums, sour cherries, baked cloves, vanilla and black tea.

Grilled Portuguese salted cod; smokey char with mouth-watering salinity from the ocean and finally succulent flakes of firm tender flesh. Served with rich buttery potatoes and crunchy green beans make for a true foodie’s wine match. The oak influence of the wine will mirror the flavours from the grill, the velvety tannins and crisp acidity will integrate well with the flaky texture of a bite of cod and starchy potato. Needless to say, the primary aromas and flavours of the wine will bring out the sweetness of the cod.


These food pairings have been picked out by the winemaker himself, Eddie McDougall. We have not chosen your typical go-to food and wine pairings, just like the wines themselves they are a bit "out of the box", but damn good.

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