Road Tripping Reds: The Coastal Cabernet Edition by Lauren Dunn

Now that the mornings are getting crisper and the days a little shorter, the memories of those care-free Summer afternoons spent sipping our favourite icy-cold bevvies are fading away with the sunshine. Just because the sun is fading, does not mean we have to! Time to break out of that self-inflicted, voluntary house arrest and embrace everything our fair country has to offer during the cooler months. Join us as we embark on a journey around Australia, showing you exactly how to enjoy this magical country, where bush meets sea and Cab meets Sav.


While we passively endure the sleepy transition from beers in the sun to wines by the fire, we also have swapped fresh salads with hearty stews, rich cheese boards and of course, indulgent red’s. One of our favourite wines in the Eddie McDougall range is our Margaret River Cabernet and our favourite way to enjoy this is getting rugged up and venturing out for a picnic set in some of Australia’s most spectacular, natural wonderlands. This bottled beauty encapsulates the very essence of an Aussie winter with aromas of herbs, ground coffee and fruit. The wine’s flavour profile demonstrates hints of luxurious blackcurrants, leaving the mouth feeling silky and satisfied.


Eddie is the expert at matching wine with food and fun. We have put together our number one road trip destination’s for each state, so all you need to do is pack up your car, select your playlist and make sure your guest of honour, Eddie McDougall and Co Cabernet, has the comfiest seat in the car.



West Australia:

We begin our expedition with West Australia. West Aussie’s are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a place to spend a wintery weekend away. The coastline boasts an array of popular holiday spots however, the clear stand out to us is Margaret River. If you are a born and bred West Aussie then you are undoubtedly familiar with this relaxed surf town that doubles as one of Australia’s most renown wine regions. It is also where Eddie produces his range of cabernets. If you want to ditch the often, logistically difficult mission, of trekking from cellar door to door and don’t want to be confined by the restraints of someone else's menu, then wine not go out on your own?


Margaret River offers a diverse range of bush to sea landmarks that you can choose from to cater to your desired experience. We recommend taking a picnic of goodies that you can pick up on your drive down south from our favourite south-west grocer, Bunbury Farmer’s Market,  to Smiths Beach to watch the incredible sunset over the ocean. There’s truly nothing better than watching the surfers ride the waves in the distant while sipping on a glass of our luxurious 2016 Margaret River Cabernet.




The King Valley is another beautiful part of Australia where Eddie and his team produce their award-winning wines. Our favourite regional town in Vic is the picturesque Mount Macedon. An easy hour drive out of Melbourne City, this picturesque landscape is rich in history, food, wine and culture. Hire a bike and fill your basket with locally produced goodies, a bottle of our cabernet and head up the mountain to be blown away by some of the best views our country has to offer. There are plenty of picnic spots dotted along any of the hiking trails that are a truly magical place to indulge in your favourite cheeses and wine.



New South Wales

New South Wales is famous for its glorious coastlines, blessed with some of the best beachside towns Australia has to offer. From Coffs Harbour to Bryon Bay and everywhere in between, there is no shortage of places to go and things to do while exploring this part of our sunburnt land. Appointed with the difficult task of choosing just one spot, Whale beach would have to be the winner. There is a number with all your BBQing facilities and a killer view to match. Some juicy porterhouse steaks topped with rosemary will go perfectly with Eddie’s Cabernet.




Ironically what we love most about the globally recognised “Sunshine State” is its spectacular rain forests. Queensland offers a tropical experience similar to something you would find in Fiji or Sri Lanka. Prepare yourself for a day of adventure with a day trip from Tambourine Mountain to Springbock. The mountainous range provides endless visual pleasure finished by the spectacular sights of the National Park. We really can’t think of better back drop to enjoy a glass of Eddie’s cab save while perched amounts the hanging vines with natures own soundtrack of the rainfalls in the back.


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