How I Pair Food & Wine

Food and wine, or should it be wine and food? Whichever it is that comes first there is no doubt that these two epicurean staples work wonders together. When they are perfectly weaved together, the patchwork of delicious and complex flavours are just astounding.
Rosé and Dim Sum = Yum!
My approach to food and wine matching often starts with the consideration of freshness versus richness. These basic elements are easily applied to both the wine or dish that is looking for a suitable companion. The simplest of pairings is when fresh flavours are paired together whilst the same goes for rich flavours. A good example is our prosecco working its magic with a snapper ceviche or our Cabernet blend standing up to a slow braised Osso Bucco. I know this food and wine pairing business isn’t as simple as I have just made out to be as there are certainly added complexities when considering the balancing flavours and textures.
Flavours and textures from the various food groups; fish, meat, dairy, pulses and veggies all vary depending on the cuisines it is prepared under and the cookery techniques applied. This adds a whole new dimension of wine companionship as each of these ingredients prepared with certain sauces, gravies, cooking methods changes the end resulting flavour. For example, you can have chicken meat that is cooked in a thickened sweet lemon sauce but does this mean you need an acidic and sweet wine to pair with it, like a German Riesling? No, if you do this you are not complementing the flavours you are just adding more of the same to the mouthful. What you really should consider helping with balancing the mouthful is a drier style of wine like a Viognier that has good viscosity, not overly tart, not sweet but aromatic with plenty of fruit weight to stand up to the intense lemony sauce. Perhaps even a little oak influence on the Viognier would add a creamier sensation to the palate.
Now, what about something deep fried, smoked, steamed, boiled, baked or flame grilled, so many variations that work with many wine options. If I went through them all you will be reading my autobiography so my suggestion here is for you try mixing up your combos whilst using my simple considerations a starting point and be sure to keep one thing in mind: Balance is the key, not dominance.
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