Pinot Grigio and Seafood – A Match Made Under The Sea by Lauren Dunn

Have a bottle of wine you just can’t wait to open but don’t know what to eat with it?
If you are lucky enough to already have a bottle (or case) of The Flying Winemaker 2021 Pinot Grigio gracing the door of your fridge, then no doubt you are familiar with the struggle to save this delightful drop for the right meal to compliment it perfectly. If you haven’t got your hot little hands on this epic drop just yet, drop what you are doing and order a case immediately. You don’t want to miss out on this! It can be hard to save something so perfect, for literally any occasion, until you can maximise its enjoyability with the perfect culinary companion. However, I ask that you have faith and believe me when I say that these two simple recipes I have put together to pair with the Grigio, is well worth the agonising wait...
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Now for the food! It is undeniable that seafood and white wine go together like Sonny and Cher, Vegemite and cheese or footy and meat pies...The flavour profile of The Flying Winemaker Pinot Grigio 2021, boasts aromas of white peach, pears, and crushed almond meal. While the aromas of almond meal soften the acidity in one dish, the wine's own acidic notes that come from the citrus flavour of the lime perfectly complements the creamy texture of the salmon pasta. Pretty much any seafood dish can be enjoyed with this bottle from Eddie’s vineyard in The King Valley. The lingering sweet, crisp notes perfectly complement the salty flavours of the sea. Seafood is a delicacy we are lucky enough to be able to enjoy any time of the year, weather not permitting.
In Australia, we have the pick of some of the world’s best seafood and are home to where Eddie grows the grapes that produce this spectacular drop. Therefore, I have put together an easy two-course seafood menu, that is quick and simple to put together. Whether it be for a solo “treat-yo-self” night in front of the cooking channel or entertaining guests, these beauties never cease to impress.
2 large fresh deboned, skinless salmon fillets
1 cup of baby capers
2 lemons
1 red onion
250g butter
1 cupThe Flying Winemaker 2021 Pinot Grigio
1 cup vegetable stock
Sea salt
A few sprigs of fresh thyme
Fresh parsley
Fresh dill
1 packet of fresh fettuccine pasta
  1. Season your salmon fillets with sea salt and pepper then heat a couple of tables spoons of butter in a medium-size pan on high heat. Cook the salmon for about a minute on each side then remove and set aside to cool.
  2. In the same pan melt the rest of your butter then add the vegetable stock and turn the heat down to a gentle simmer. Once the stock starts to reduce add the wine and season with more salt and pepper.
  3. Leave this to simmer on a low heat for approx. 15 mins, then add the juice of one of the lemons.
  4. Boil a large pot of generously salted water and cook your Fettuccine pasta until it's just below al dente as we are going to add this to the pan and it will continue to cook.
  5. Once the pasta is ready, add it to your liquids in the same pan, toss the pasta through the sauce until its fully coated. Then toss in your capers, lemon rind and fresh thyme.
  6. Last, but not least carefully separate your salmon fillets into small chunks and sprinkle through the pasta. Garnish with more thyme, chopped fresh parsley and more salt and pepper of course. 
500g of de-shelled fresh prawns
1 tin of diced tomatoes
1 tin of coconut milk
1 red onion
1 bunch of fresh coriander
1 bunch of fresh parsley
1 bunch of fresh basil
3 cloves of garlic (can also use jarred crushed garlic)
1 large avocado
2 limes
2 lemons
Olive oil
Sea salt
  1. In a medium-sized mixing bowl season your prawns with a few generous squeezes of lemon and lime juice, salt and pepper. Cover with glad wrap and set aside to marinate.
  2. To make the tomato salsa simply empty the contents of the tinned diced tomatoes into a bowl, dice a quarter of the red onion, dice two cloves of garlic and the coriander and combine in a small bowl. Top with a squeeze of lime juice.
  3. For the avocado salsa slice the avocado in half and remove the seed. Dice up the avocado into small cubes and add to a small bowl with salt and pepper, coriander, parsley and a squeeze of lemon juice. Mix together.
  4. For the herb salsa chop the remaining herbs and garlic and add to a small bowl. Dice a quarter of a white onion and add to the mixture. Add two tablespoons of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon. Season with salt and pepper.
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