King Valley Pinot Grigio 2023

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Tasting Notes

Aromas of white peach, pears, and crushed almond meal. Crisp, refreshing and driven with a citrus acid line on the palate. It's nicely balanced with a waxy viscosity and sprinkle of sea salt minerality. Pair with a Dim Sum selection.

Winemaker's Notes

Making Pinot Grigio in Australia is never an easy task as the country’s climate is warm and dry, which means the wine can become rich and ripe. Preserving the natural freshness without the introduction of additives is only achievable from the careful selection of vineyard sites. Our vineyard is located at a high altitude and in a very cool area of the King Valley. Made true to its Italian heritage, the wine is crispy, crunchy, bright, and refreshing. After each sip you'll want another one because it’s not clumsy - it’s balanced and clean. - Eddie McDougall

Harvested in the cool periods of sunrise, our Pinot Grigio is designed to capture the essence of freshness. The fruit is carefully handled to ensure the perfect extraction of texture, flavour and aromas. Pressed and fermented at low temperatures, this wine is given every opportunity to retain its purity and expression of place.

Technical Sheet

Varietal: 100% Pinot Grigio

Vineyard: Whitfield

Region: King Valley

Alcohol: 13.5%

Production: 1000 Dozen

About The Range

To recognize the region where he produces most of his wines, Eddie McDougall decided the most suitable logo for his wines made there would be a gold foil crown. Eddie is not claiming to be the king but he wants the world to know something about the prestige of the region where his wines hail from. Being proud of King Valley, and excited by its Italian heritage, Eddie continues to source grapes from top growers in the region in order to produce wines that are genuinely approachable and definitive of the region’s varietals.

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