How Would An Airport Affect Margaret River?

Having travelled to nearly 100 different wine regions across the globe, Margaret River in Western Australia is no doubt one that stands out as an enotourism mecca. The world-class wines that are consistently being produced from the region are at the forefront of what makes this place so exciting, but without the support of a well-oiled hospitality engine, the wines would have no platform to shine beyond its population of 14,000 inhabitants and the thousands of passing surf junkies.
Enjoying the sea breeze at Margaret River's coast
Geographically, Margaret River is a two and a half to three-hour drive south of the world’s most isolated city, Perth. This fact alone, unfortunately, raises a significant barrier for tourists to access the region easily for a weekend getaway from neighbouring Australian states let alone international visitors who are inspired to tour the country’s great wine regions. So, what’s the solution to making this beautiful destination more accessible? Build an airport and take away the three-hour drive from Perth.  Easier said than done? Well, not really.
Located in the township of Busselton are the foundations of what could be, and definitely should be an international airport. The airport is only a 40-minute drive to the heart of Margaret River township and approximately 20 minutes to the closest must-visit winery. Now, can you just imagine what this will do for tourism in the region? I’d be pretty confident to say you will notice a significant spike in the economy, which will positively impact not just the winemakers but hoteliers, restaurants, local artisans, and wildlife tour operators. So in my eyes, this airport idea is a no-brainer, however, the reality is there are some governmental and funding roadblocks that need to be addressed prior to this becoming a reality. The last update I had read was from Perth Now stating that the local council of Busselton is under pressure to secure an airline partner prior to the budgeted AUD13 million that will be released to bring the airstrip to life. I guess all we can do is sit and wait in hope that one of these airlines will see the tremendous opportunities that will surface as it draws more links to the region.  
I know I will be keeping an eager eye on developments.
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