NV Prosecco

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Tasting Notes

Aromas of white flowers, pears and white peaches. A very approachable and gentle expression on the palate. Wonderfully refreshing with balanced flavours of pure orchard fruits and a mineral undertone. Pair with cured meats or smoked salmon.

Winemaker's Notes

Most winemakers of Prosecco are hung up on balancing levels of sugar and acidity, whereas I believe the focus of making a stellar Prosecco should be on the carbonation. The carbonation of wine significantly affects the delivery of its complex flavours - so you see, getting the bubbles right means everything! When making my Prosecco, I don't focus on the sugar levels - I actually leave a bit of sugar in there as anything too dry will feel harsh, instead, I strive for a soft mousse to provide a soothing and pleasant drinking experience. - Eddie McDougall

Produced from vines planted in Australia's high country, this wine is produced with every intention of rivalling those of its Italian origin. Made under the classic Charmat method, this expression of Prosecco carries a soft mousse that is incredibly expansive of flavour, which softly pops.

Technical Sheet

Varietal: 100% Prosecco

Vineyard: Cheshunt & Whitfield

Region: King Valley

Alcohol: 10%

Production: 1000 Dozen

About The Range

To recognize the region where he produces most of his wines, Eddie McDougall decided the most suitable logo for his wines made there would be a gold foil crown. Eddie is not claiming to be the king but he wants the world to know something about the prestige of the region where his wines hail from. Being proud of King Valley, and excited by its Italian heritage, Eddie continues to source grapes from top growers in the region in order to produce wines that are genuinely approachable and definitive of the region’s varietals.

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