2017 Rosato

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Tasting Notes

Aromas of red currants, crushed strawberries, and basil. Generous textual expressiveness through viscosity and light tannins. A fruit forward profile that gives the palate length while being supported by cranberry like acidity. Pair with Cantonese dim sum or char siu (barbequed pork).

Winemaker's Notes

Rosato is Italian Rosé. I named this a Rosato as it's made from indigenous Italian cultivars - Sangiovese, Nebbiolo, and Barbera amongst a Syrah base. The style is plush, dry and intense. I've made this to be enjoyed with both delicate and rich flavours whether sweet or savoury. I don’t just want wine lovers to enjoy this wine in the warmer months, but equally to enjoy it sitting around a winter bonfire. This is made using a combination of Saignée (a.k.a. bleeding a red wine of its pink juice) and wholebunch pressing to extract the perfect amount of textural richness, brightness in colour and fruit intensity. It's then fermented as one wine all the way through, so to make sure this is an integrated wine right from the get-go. Chin-chin! - Eddie McDougall

Vibrant and eye-catching from any distance. An expressive wine that is made with purpose and with one of Italy's iconic varietals - Barbera. Gently processed by wholebunch pressing and cold juice handling, the wine is designed to express a sophisticated profile.

Technical Sheet

Varietal: 52% Syrah, 25% Barbera, 19% Nebbiolo & 4% Sangiovese

Vineyard: Whitfield

Region: King Valley

Alcohol: 13%

About The Range

To recognize the region where he produces most of his wines, Eddie McDougall decided the most suitable logo for his wines made there would be a gold foil crown. Eddie is not claiming to be the king but he wants the world to know something about the prestige of the region where his wines hail from. Being proud of King Valley, and excited by its Italian heritage, Eddie continues to source grapes from top growers in the region in order to produce wines that are genuinely approachable and definitive of the region’s varietals.

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